Located on the Second Floor of Joie de Vivre Spa, Yellowknife, NT

Unit 103 - 487 Range Lake Road, Yellowknife, NT (Physical Located on the Second Floor of Joie de Vivre Spa, Yellowknife, NT address)  (Next door to the Discovery Mine Services)

Mailing Address:

Unit 2 - 483 Range Lake Road, Yellowknife, NT, X1A 3R9

Tel: 1-867-873-4881   Fax: 1-800-557-9887

Email: rlwiclinic@outlook.com

New:  Updated Oct 15, 2023

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COVID Screening


IF YOU (that means anyone entering this premise, not necessarily be a patient) are currently in Self Isolation


If you are experiencing significant symptoms, such as shortness of breath or worsening condition, and feel you need immediate medical assistance, please contact 911 or visit the emergency department.  Please call the hospital ahead to notify staff. Please let hospital staff know if you will be transporting yourself to the hospital.


If you are sick but well enough to stay home, please self-isolate at home and call Public Health at (867) 767-9120 to arrange further testing. (There is a COVID-19 assessment clinic – please get in touch with Public Health to book an appointment)



Please Note: This clinic does NOT test for COVID-19.



Please follow the above advice; your cooperation will help reduce the risk of exposure to all the people on the premise.

Thank you.

If you are in Self-Isolation and require regular service such as driver medical, medication refills, sprains, back pain, urinary tract infection, throat infection, bronchitis, worker compensation, forms, return to work note, off work note, etc. - please get in touch with your Health care provider. You could return to this clinic for these services after you are no longer in Self-Isolation. If your conditions are serious (chest pain, severe dizziness, severe headache, seizure, broken bone, pneumonia), then contact the emergency department.