Located on the Second Floor of Joie de Vivre Spa, Yellowknife, NT

Unit 103 - 487 Range Lake Road, Yellowknife, NT (Physical Located on the Second Floor of Joie de Vivre Spa, Yellowknife, NT address)  (Next door to the Discovery Mine Services)

Mailing Address:

Unit 2 - 483 Range Lake Road, Yellowknife, NT, X1A 3R9

Tel: 1-867-873-4881   Fax: 1-800-557-9887

Email: rlwiclinic@outlook.com

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Emailing your Lab result

We will email your lab results to you

You will give us or update us with your current email address during the clinic visit.

You will be given a password. If you lose your password, it will not be replaced via phone or email. You have to physically come back to the clinic to get it re-issued after we verify your identity.

Your lab work result will be emailed to you as an encrypted attachment. The email will have the subject line “Email from the Range Lake Clinic Ref No: XXXX“  and the date and time.

You will use the password provided to decrypt the attachment. This will work on Windows based computers. This will NOT work on Non-Windows platform such as your smartphone.

Lab work will be emailed to you once it is available. Please note: not all your lab work will be available simultaneously; you will receive one or more emails about the results. There will be an interpretation and advice given regarding your lab work.

Regardless of whether the lab work is normal, you will always get an email for it.  Please provide a “read receipt” if you are asked to provide one.

Please reply to the email (using the same subject line) to acknowledge that you have received it.




If you do not receive the email from the clinic A WEEK after your lab work is done, first check your junk mail, if still not found, please email rlwiclinic@outlook.com with the subject line “I have not received my expected result yet”. On the message please state your full name, your current phone (preferable your cellphone which could receive text message) and the password provided (to verify your identity).  If we do not receive any valid request from you, it means that you have received the result, be it normal or abnormal, and you are going to take appropriate action for it (such as follow up with your family doctor). Other than email, the clinic will not inform you of your result otherwise.

It is important that you follow this email procedure to avoid missing any important lab work.