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Immigration Medical Examination (IME) General information

Dr. Wong will do the IME at his Range Lake clinic (not the hospital).


Physical location

The address is 103-487 Range Lake Road, Yellowknife, NT.

We are next to the Discovery Mine, inside the “Joie de Vivre Spa” on the second floor.

Booking for IME

Dr. Wong will pre-book all IME.

The IME is usually done outside the clinic hours, i.e., after 9:00 p.m. on weekday nights or scheduled time on the weekends.


If you are a female, you must bring a Chaperone (your friend, partner, parent, sister, brother, etc.). NO chaperone, NO medical exam.



My fee is $350.

There is a C$175 charge if you do not attend your booked appointment.


You could pay by debit/Credit card.

Lab and X-ray (immigration medical requirement)

The lab and X-ray are about $200.

They could not be done before the immigration medical. They will be done at the Stanton Territory hospital, M-F, 8–2 p.m. You could walk in and wait up to a few hours or call ahead to book an appointment date and time (please book the date after the immigration medical, not before). The phone is 867-767-9300 ext 46673 between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. 

We advise you to secure a date and time for the lab work and inform Dr. Wong about the date so that Dr. Wong can book the immigration exam 2-3 days before your lab appointment.

See the lab links here: 



If you are pregnant, the required chest X-ray will have to be postponed till you have completed your pregnancy. You must pay the hospital again for the chest X-ray (additional C$200.00).


What you should bring with you 

You need to bring in your Passport.

Bring your IMM1017E form if you have it.

Also, bring in the COVID-19 vaccine record.

You do not need to bring in any pictures.

Please bring in ALL YOUR medications and any pertinent past medical records.

Contact information 

All the primary communication is via clinic email and your email: Our email is rlwiclinic@outlook.com


Time line

The IME will take 1-2 hours, depending on the complexity of your medical conditions. The functionality of the immigration server will sometimes affect it, too.


Generally, the completed IME will be submitted to immigration within ten days; you will have a complete copy via email.


UpFront Medical

As of Oct 01, 2023, the requirement has changed if you are applying for UPFRONT IME through the Express Entry program. Please refer to


for detail.

If you still want us to do the UpFront medical, we will do it. However, please note:

a.     The IME validity expires before landing in Canada, which may require clients to complete a new medical exam at their own cost.

b.    Delays in processing as IMEs requested by IRCC are automatically associated with the client’s application, reducing delays and processing errors. Upfront IMEs take longer to associate with client applications. Clients who choose to complete an upfront IME may subsequently receive a request to submit an IME in error, as their IME results may not have been associated with their application yet.


The following information regarding upfront medical is from the IRCC: 


As of October 1, 2023, IRCC has undertaken a one-year pilot to remove the upfront IME requirement for clients applying through the Express Entry program. This change has been made to improve client service and program integrity. Should clients contact your office regarding upfront IMEs for Express Entry applications, please inform them that an upfront IME is no longer required by IRCC for this type of application and that they should refer to IRCC’s website for information on how to submit their application without an upfront IME.


If clients applying through the Express Entry program would still like to complete an upfront IME, please advise them that they can choose to complete an upfront IME; however, they will be at risk of the following:

• The validity of their IME may expire before they land in Canada, which may require clients to complete a new medical exam at their own cost.

• Delays in processing may occur, as upfront IMEs take longer to associate to client applications, while IMEs requested by IRCC are automatically associated to the client’s application, reducing delays and processing errors. Clients who choose to complete an upfront IME may subsequently receive a request to submit an IME issued in error, as their IME results may not yet have been associated to their application.



Please be reminded that panel physicians are not to refuse clients who wish to undergo an IME. If clients are not eligible for an upfront medical exam, you may advise them of the risks of completing an upfront IME (see the item above). If a client has already completed an IME within the past year, you may advise them that the additional IME may not be necessary and the client may wish to contact their immigration office to verify whether another IME is required. However, if clients express their wish to proceed with the exam, you are obligated to comply and complete the IME for them.