Located on the Second Floor of Joie de Vivre Spa, Yellowknife, NT

Unit 103 - 487 Range Lake Road, Yellowknife, NT (Physical Located on the Second Floor of Joie de Vivre Spa, Yellowknife, NT address)  (Next door to the Discovery Mine Services)

Mailing Address:

Unit 2 - 483 Range Lake Road, Yellowknife, NT, X1A 3R9

Tel: 1-867-873-4881   Fax: 1-800-557-9887

Email: rlwiclinic@outlook.com

New:  Updated May 12, 2024

Now you could book ONLINE!

After 4:00 pm please call

867-873-4881 to book

Book Same Day Appointmnet 


Our Same Day appointment and Walk-in Clinic are open for non-urgent and minor care needs. Please call 867-873-4881 to book the same day.


This Clinic is available to treat conditions that require prompt medical attention but that are not life-threatening:

Sprains, strains, fractures, and cuts
Minor burns
Work-related illness or injuries
Flu and cold symptoms
Earache, sore throat, and fever
Stings or bites
Prescription refills (please bring in the detailed information of the medications you want to refill (name, dosage)
Work medical – please in the appropriate form. There is a fee for it. Please ask us first.
Non-complex return to work, off work form

This clinic does not have the resource to handle Life-threatening medical emergencies that require immediate medical attention. Please go to the hospital emergency department for the following:

Severe chest pain and shortness of breath
Major burns
Severe head injuries
Emergency childbirth
Bleeding does not stop.
Drug or other poisonings
Life-threatening injuries

Please constantly update us about your drug allergies and your contact information (cell phone, email) (if it has been changed).


Please Note:

This clinic is NOT a replacement for your family doctor’s clinic. Nor is this a family clinic. It is more appropriate to consult your practitioner for chronic medical conditions, disability forms, and prognosis forms. 


This clinic does NOT have access to your medical records other than those generated by this clinic.